About Dimetra

A Digital Media Translation Academy

At Dimetra Academy we believe in the value of translators in the globalised, multilingual and multicultural world we live in.

Translators make communication possible by navigating masterfully between different language systems and different cultures and bridging all the gaps that arise in the process.

Translators are key figures in a market which Common Sense Advisory (CSA) values at $40 billion and which is predicted to reach $45 billion by 2020.

Translators play an increasingly important role that is being underlined by many scholars, but also by industry stakeholders.

Translators face challenges. AI and automation, crowdsourcing and commoditizing forces beyond their control, such as distant procurement functions but also market forces squeezing prices down, naturally cause concern across all tiers of the language service market.

Dimetra Academy explores the challenges that freelance translators and even small and medium-sized LSPs face.

Dimetra Academy looks for answers and offers solutions to respond to the challenges that freelance translators and small and medium-sized LSPs face.

Dimetra Academy offers training to translation professionals in the form of bootcamps, crash courses and masterclasses in new trends in the translation industry often combining different disciplines such as machine learning and translation technology, digital marketing and multilingual content creation, growth hacking and multimedia translation.

A digital media translation academy
A digital media translation academy

With Dimetra you can

through bootcamps, crash courses and masterclasses

  • Hack your growth
  • Tap into your potential
  • Unleash your unique creative powers

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Learn from the best

Dimetra proudly presents a team of professionals with extraordinary and proven experience in their field of expertise. They are happy to share their knowledge, review solutions and exchange perspectives with translators in the form of lectures, case-studies and hands-on projects
Fotis Fotopoulos
Keynote Speaker
Translators must aim to be consultants working at the highest level. In Fotis’s vision, translators & interpreters are master advisors who scope high-level solutions and pull them off through powerful, advanced teamwork. On a tactical level, Fotis has carved out a unique niche combining translation with career counselling in the Healthcare industry. Strategically, he has walked the walk as president of PEM, the Panhellenic Association of Translators, since 2016. Turning around your ship is possible. Still, nothing beats picking the right course first time around.
Theo Moulos
The DigitalMaster
Have your digital growth myth busted. Theo, the programme’s Digital Master and a notorious growth hacker, will rock you and your clients’ growth and will make it seem like a piece of cake. At least this is what we thought when he shared his insights with us after attending Facebook’s Developer Conference to which he was invited [wow]. But don’t be intimidated, he is only human.
Andrea Spila
The WiseGuy
Have you ever dreamt of having a mentor who could answer just any question you might have about translation and marketing? We bet you have! Andrea, aka the WiseGuy, has been solving translation puzzles for many, many years and he will unveil the mysteries of SEO marketing to you. Top trait: his patience! His yoga and meditation practicing makes him a zen instructor.
Andrew Morris
The MindSetter
What do you think it takes to be an uber-freelancer? Have you ever seriously thought about it? If you haven’t or don’t know the answer, Andrew Morris, aka the MindSetter, sets out to explore what it is that makes certain translators thrive, above and beyond the quality of their work.
Vilelmini Sosoni
The WonderWoman
Have you ever met a university lecturer in translation who follows closely the market trends, while talking at various conferences on a variety of topics across the globe, marking exam papers and supervising dissertations at the same time? Meet Vilelmini, aka the WonderWoman, the epitome of multitasking; hey, she is one of us, our superpower being translation.
Ioannis Karras
The Suave Interculturalist
Ioannis Karras is the suave interculturalist, the go-to-expert for all things intercultural, the one who connects the dots across borders and across cultures. He is going to masterfully guide you through the rambling but marvellous world of global communication which is sine qua non for the modern business. Just look at him! You can tell he's a master connector.
Costas Nadalis
The MT Data Charmer
Hypertext Markup Language. Does that sound tough? Fear not, Costas, aka the MT Data Charmer, is going to guide you through it! If the names IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, HP and SDL sound familiar to you, you have just seen some of his clients. If you are an SDL user, you may be actually using one of the apps he has developed for them.
Georgios Floros
Keynote Speaker
Georgios Floros is Associate Professor of Translation Studies at the Department of English Studies, University of Cyprus, where he teaches various courses on translation theory and methodology, and text linguistics. His research interests include culture and translation, translation and politics, translation ethics, secondary term formation and text linguistics. He is the author of two books and several articles in international refereed journals and co-editor of a book on Translation in Language Teaching and Assessment (CSP, 2013). He has led and/or participated in three major EU-funded research projects.
Maria Sgourou
The SuperConnector
Maria, aka the SuperConnector, is the woman with the magic wand that makes everything fall into place and connect in a miraculous way. She is the soul of DiMeTra Academy and living proof that an uber translator is not an urban legend! Can't wait to meet her, eh? We can't blame you!