What is a masterclass

Masterclasses have been designed to cover hot trends and topics in the translation industry in a way that fits the busy lives of language service professionals. They are one-day events, usually lasting 3-5 hours, during which experienced professionals share their knowledge, discuss solutions and exchange different perspectives on a specific topic.

Why masterclasses are important and why you should never miss one

A masterclass is designed and structured so that it gives you an overview of a specific trend or topic.
It starts with its origins, evolution and current state, it then moves on to its main difficulties, challenges and opportunities and concludes with a case-study.

A masterclass gives you the opportunity to decide whether a specific trend or topic could help you and your business either by improving the quality of services you provide, by making the provision of those services faster or  easier or, most importantly,  by exploring the opportunity to develop or learn a new skill.