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MT masterclass April 5th, 2019 Athens


Jack of all trades, master of… all of them

One-day events that cover hot trends and topics in the translation industry. Experienced professionals share their knowledge, discuss solutions, and exchange different perspectives on a specific topic. And – the best part – they are free to attend!

The next Dimetra Masterclass takes place on April 5, 2019 in Athens. You can still reserve your seat!

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Test the waters

3-day events where experienced professionals share their knowledge in the form of intensive training sessions, including both theory and practice. Hands-on projects, guides or case studies are included in all crash courses in order to help you implement the knowledge acquired quickly and efficiently.

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On the learning curve

5-day events which provide in-depth knowledge on a specific topic through training. Their practical aspects are designed in such a way so as to provide knowledge that you can implement and use at once!

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Happy hour handshakes

Last but not least, we give you the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues you already know and meet new peers which translate into new contacts and referrals, visibility, sharing knowledge and experience, and helps you boost your confidence.

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Learn from the best how to be the best

Top academics and professionals share their valuable insights with you

Costas Nadalis
The MT Data Charmer
Ioannis Karras
The Suave Interculturalist
Vilelmini Sosoni
The WonderWoman
Andrew Morris
The MindSetter
Andrea Spila
The WiseGuy
Maria Sgourou
The SuperConnector
Theo Moulos
The DigitalMaster
Georgios Floros
Keynote Speaker
Fotis Fotopoulos
Keynote Speaker